Brett Kavanaugh’s Revenge

Who could forget how now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was treated during his Senate confirmation hearings?

Out of nowhere, a woman, Christine Blasey Ford, accuses Kavanaugh of “gang raping” her in college.

Where is Miss Ford now? Nowhere to be found. Why? She lied.

Even left-leaning Wikipedia points out her fibs.

This of course is a massive blow to any man. To be accused of something as brutal as rape when you’re clearly innocent?

And when give an opportunity for revenge, Brett Kavanaugh will have his cake, plus some.

Nashville Mayor John Cooper Caught LYING About COVID Stats

Fox 17 has reported Nashville mayor John Cooper knew the COVID stats needed to justify shutdown weren’t there so he (and I am calling him out) he conspired with the Health Department to keep the real numbers secret, giving false numbers to the public.

A crushing blow to the economy of Nashville. One that easily could have been avoided. What’s next for Nashville? Time to fight back!

Read Fox 17’s report here

Desperate To Normalize Pedophilia

What’s the link between Netlix’s new movie Cuties, California law SB-145, Harvey Weinstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein?

Connect the dots you’ll find a trail being blazed to normalize something most humanity finds evil at best.

It’s a disgusting move our children must count on us to stand against.

Will you??

(Independent reporter Tim Pool’s take on the movie Cuties)

The George Washington Prophecy

This is nothing short of amazing! George Washington claimed he saw an Angel of The Lord and that the Angel showed him what was to come in America.

He was shown the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and he was shown what we now know is the 2020 Riots.

What did George Washington see happening to the United States and is there hope?

The answer to the second is YES!!

In both videos we pray into the prophecy, believing The United States best days are yet to come!

Kamala Harris Descendants Slave Owners

Well, well…

Turns out the skeletons in the closet of Kamala Harris include the skeletons of slaves. Hamilton Brown, a slave owner in Jamaica, is in the Harris bloodline. Of course we won’t hear this from mainstream media. Imagine if this were Donald Trump. They’d be singing it loud for all to hear.

Source: The Daily Caller (read here)

A Battle For The Soul of This Nation

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris kicked off their joint campaign with the phrase “a battle for the soul of this nation.”

They aren’t wrong.ย  That’s exactly what this is.

The question is, what side do we want to have our nations soul?ย  Do we give it to those who removed “one nation under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance or do we give it to the side who honored God throughout their convention?

We’ll soon find out.