I’m Doc Kennedy and I’m a stand-up comedian based out of Nashville, TN.  I’m a proud winner of the 2019 Lea Ciastko Spirit of Comedy Award and I’ve had the honor of slinging jokes from the stage on the network show Huckabee.

Originally from Montana and spending years near Seattle, my unique take on life brings laughs to people of all ages across the country!


I’m a Christian who believes in the Full Atonement of Jesus Christ.  That means I don’t back down when Jesus said His followers would be known for “healing the sick” and “casting out demons” in His name (Mark 16:17-18)  Sure adds excitement to life!


My lovely wife and I recently welcomed our first child into the world.  Being a first time dad at 39 sure is different but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  We’re close with our extended family.  Such a blessing!


I’m a proud American and patriot.  I enjoy studying history (from accurate sources) and sharing the TRUTH of our great nation.  God has blessed America!